Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the night
Sister Britton was pacing said, "something just isn't right!
The season is merry, the season is bright so why am I worrying late into the night?"

Parents are looking for just the right toys,
getting stressed by the hustle, bustle and noise,
Dads are frazzled after putting up lights
While moms' in the kitchen cooking yummy delights!

Children are trying to do what they should
they've written to Santa and wand to be good.
The trees are all trimmed, presents need to be wrapped
there's not event time to take a short nap.

Rudolph and Frosty and even the Grinch
Make forgetting the meaning of Christmas a cinch

"Sit down and relax" your counselors said,
"We'll tell you just why you have nothing to dread"
As visions of sisters dance through your head;
think of the service they're giving instead.

Little elves have had fun trying to keep out of sight,
while leaving small gifts and treats...that bring others delight.
The goodness of members is getting around,
as gifts of warm clothing and food can be found

Sisters are sharing the spirit of Christ every day
By giving of themselves on their merry way.
You don't have to worry there are angels you see\
who visit each sister and serve them with glee.

There are small acts of kindness done for all the right reasons,
and our ward family will feel love through the year and the season.

Written with love by,
Sister Shelley Nowers