Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Kitchen Spoons
$4 per spoon or $2 if you bring your own 

Colors shown will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own colors. We will be using regular craft paint and then coating with food-grade shellac. 
Estimated time per spoon - 10 minutes

Party Banner
$15 This is a reversible party banner with one side a Christmas theme. No sewing required. Very cute!
Estimated time - 1 hour
Play Tent
$20 with canvas as shown, or $13 if you bring your own fabric (48�x84� - an old twin sheet would work for this as well)
Estimated time - 1 hour

Canning Ring Pumpkins
$8 per pumpkin ($2 if you provide your own rings - 22 per pumpkin)
Estimated time per pumpkin - 15 min.

Witch's Broom
$5 A fun and whimsical decoration for Halloween. 
Decorate to make it your own! 
Estimated time - 1 hour

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